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Nursing Chapter 15 Assignment

Nursing Chapter 15 Assignment

Case Study: Interviewing

Sara is interviewing for a new position in a different facility from where she previously worked. She has not had to interview for a job since she graduated from nursing school and received her first and only position, where she worked for eight years. Sara is interviewing with Jeri Johnson, the nurse manager of the CVICU at Memorial Hospital. Jeri is fairly new to her position and has had little experience with leading the interview process. Nursing Chapter 15 Assignment

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Nursing Chapter 15 Assignment
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Read the Case Study above, and then answer the questions below:
How does a nurse manager or nurse-recruiter prepare for an interview?
What kinds of questions are off-limits to an interviewer by law?
What kinds of questions do you personally believe to be ethically or morally wrong?
Since Jeri is not very adept at interviewing for applicants, what steps can she take to compensate for her lack of experience?
Your paper should be:
One (1) page
Typed according to APA Writing Style for margins, formatting and spacing standards.
Typed your paper in a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file. Nursing Chapter 15 Assignment

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