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Nursing homework help

You are the Nurse Leader/Administrator at a long-term care facility (not hospital). The rates of resident falls have been increasing over the last 6 months to a year in your facility causing some serious injuries for some of the residents. You, as a doctorate of nursing prepared leader, have to adequately describe the issue & create a Process Improvement project using the Six Sigma (DMAIC) process to address and solve the problem. During this part, you will address the DMA – Define, Measure & Analyze stages. A MINIMUM of 5 relevant evidence based sources (best are peer-reviewed articles) should be used and published within the last 5 years. Below are the (DMA) relevant issues to include in your Process Improvement Project: Nursing homework help



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Nursing homework help
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•Define the issue: What process are you trying to improve?

•Describe the team and stakeholders

•Plan out the project

•Make a plan for the change


•What metrics will you measure

•How will you measure success

•How will you collect baseline data


•How will you analyze the data you collect

•What will you use to display data

•What is the reason for your wastes, delays, etc. Nursing homework help

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